new year, new challanges, new resolutions...

Yup, it's that time of year again. The first of the first. A day of reflection, (ie. 'why the heck did i drink so much last night?'), a day of planning for the new year (right, this year i'm going to loose 30 pounds for sure!), and a day of creating mantras to keep motivated, (less is MORE!). I've already written my promises out, though i've decided not to post them this year. Instead they are in the silver embroidery journal I bought two years ago that I swore I was going to write in every day.

I will instead though mention that this year is going to be a very SPECIAL year for me. I'm going to be married this year... *high fives all round* Sorry all those cats at the rescue shelter that I dreamed of one day owning and dying alone with (even if I am allergic to them), I've found a keeper. Not only that, I'm launching a web design business, while also working as a blogger and writing web articles for clients. So i'm going to be a busy girl this year - but I beyond the moon about it all.

Last year was rough. Kidney stones, being over dosed with morphine at the hospital, being diagnosed with anxiety/depression was the tip of the iceberg. But I survived, successfully completed my treatments, am now clean of any medication and am doing well. *fist pumps*

So for those of you that are still in LJ land, I wish the best luck for the year ahead, and hopefully, am able to rekindle some friendships along the way.

iz dead

Fic Writing Update

*face palm*

I really hate it when my two characters decide to have a massive fight with each other instead of playing nice like I told them to. I put them in a perfectly nice setting and then the shit hit the fan. Mmmm I wonder if I can make someone come back from saying, "Go F@&K yourself!" Surely that can be turned into a term of endearment? Right????

On second thoughts, maybe not.


Yeah me too.

Beta help?

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that would be interested in beta reading a few supernatural fics for me? Mostly I need someone to read it over, and point out any typos. I'd really appreciate. I know ya'll are busy.

Still, if anyone has any free time I'd be so grateful.


New Fic: Running Up That Hill 1/1

This isn't the big fic I've been working on, but this was squeezed out during a moment of writers block.

TITLE: Running Up That Hill
AUTHOR: beyond_Wonder
SPOILER: 5x10 Abandon All Hope
SUMMARY: Set 10 months before AAH, Jo tries to teach Castiel an important lesson in humanity – though in the end it’s Cas who ends up teaching Dean a lesson.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything to do with the Supernatural franchise.
NOTES: The timeline is set with the idea that AAH happened in September. Story inspired by the song ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Placebo.

Welcome back muse!

Welcome back indeed.

SPN Fic Update:
So excited that I managed to turn a small little prompt fic (with massive thanks to Corina for her help) into a long multi-chap fic. So far I'm planning for it to be about the same length as 'Prayer in the Night'. I'm absolutely giddy about the fact that I've completely outlined 9 chapters that will interweave through seasons 5 & 6. I can't wait to post the chapters when they are ready. If anyone wants to volunteer to be a beta than I'd be ever so grateful.

Original Novel:
Managed to squeeze out a web of characters for the story. I now have little back stories written up for each of them. I also have the first few chapters outlined. Yipee! Wish I had as much enthusiasm for it as I did for the fic above. This one is really going to take forever to finish.

Hope everyone is well and having a good day where ever they are!


Banner help?

Hi all!

I know a lot of you out there are really talented, and I was wondering if anyone might have the time to render their assistance with designing a supernatural dean/jo banner for an upcoming story for me? I've got the pictures ready and a brief outline (unless you've got other ideas that you have in mind), and I'm really hoping someone has the time.

If you are interested let me know.


I could just bawl right now.

I was in the middle of writing a new fic, and it was really during the heart wrenching big revelation part, and I must have hit the wrong button at some point cos BANG - the document disappears and two pages of writing have miraculous disappeared. Two pages! I don't even know word for word what I wrote. I was so engrossed in the writing and then I screamed when the page disappeared. I couldn't hit undo or redo... it's just GONE! *sobs* Gone! *sobs* I don't know why it didn't auto save. I hit save after every paragraph when I write. I'm so mad at myself, at the computer, and now what I wrote is like a faint dream. I know it was epic, and now I've got a vague memory and I have to go and attempt to rewrite it. Dammit to hell!